A Service schedule for your car and what you do with it

It's all very well manufacturers giving you a servicing plan, but if your neighbour uses his car to pop to the shops, and you spend your life driving the kids to ballet, football and macramé . . . you're going to need very different servicing schedules.
That's why we lay out a servicing plan that's designed for you and your car, not your neighbours. This means you can get the very best out of your vehicle and help prolong its life and performance.<>

Get the gold service - Affordable quality you can trust

Our Bosch Servicing Schedule has three tiers of service style; Silver and Gold. Whichever you choose for your car, you'll always receive the same level of care and commitment from us.
To see how our Silver and Gold vehicle service levels measure up, have a look at our service comparison table. We'll also help you plan out the servicing schedule that your car needs.

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